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We focus on breeding new varieties with optimal growth habits and excellent longevity to ensure easy packaging, a uniform appearance and high customer satisfaction.

Queen® Kalanchoe

The Queen® assortment is known for perfectly formed large flowers in bright vibrant colors.

Queen® is the only breeder offering a unique assortment of ethylene tolerant Kalanchoes.

Queen® CutFlowers™

With a minimum of 3 weeks flowering, Queen® CutFlowers have set a stunning, new standard for the longevity in the cut flowers category.

Queen® Succulents

The Queen® Succulent assortment comes in many shapes and colors - ready to mix and match.

Queen® Succulents require only sparse watering, exposure to light and can be combined in many ways.

Queen® Romantic Roses™

At Queen®, we are setting new quality standards in rose breeding, focusing on a well documented high level of ethylene resistance and large, luxurious flowers in vibrant, long-lasting colors.

Queen® Tiara Euphorbia™

We are setting new standards in Euphorbia breeding. With Queen® Tiara Euphorbia™, we are focusing on Large flowers in vibrant, long-lasting colors, compact well-branched growth and appearance.    

Queen® Kiwi Hebe™

The Kiwi-series of Hebe varieties is a new summer – autumn addition to our outdoor product range. Our Kiwi Hebe varieties are compact shrubs and provide flower spikes in a broad range of lively colours.

Queen® Regent Asters™

Focusing on large lush, composite flowers and naturally enhanced plant volume with fewer cuttings needed per pot, Queen® Regent Asters™ stand out like no other. Still, we manage to obtain beautiful, long-lasting vibrant & colours. 


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