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About Queen® Genetics

Queen® Genetics, owned by A/S Knud Jepsen, is a 3rd generation family business established in 1939. Our headquarters, located just north of Aarhus, Denmark, has more than 120,000 m2 of breeding and growing facilities. Cuttings are produced at additional facilities where the climate is ideal for mother plant growth. The location in Turkey has 100,000 m2 mother stock sourcing and 65,000 m2 in Vietnam. Globally we employ 520 employees with 25 full-time in the R&D department.

Europe: 35 million finished plants & CutFlowers
Global: 150 million cuttings of various cultures
Customers in more than 75 countries around the world

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Queen® Genetics grows greener

At Queen® Genetics, we have a tradition of prioritising the environment. We have done this through three generations. We do our utmost to minimise the impact of our production activities on the environment. Our mission is to produce beautiful flowers and plants of the highest quality, which can be bought and enjoyed with a clear conscience. Throughout the years, we have optimised our operation and endeavoured to reduce our energy consumption, which has resulted in a wide range of initiatives.

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Mission & Vision

The environment is top of mind at Queen® Genetics. We do our best to minimise our impact on our surroundings and optimise work conditions for our employees. All cuttings are grown in state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities under the supervision of highly qualified personnel. Taking delivery of a cutting from Queen® Genetics marks the start of a special business relationship. We will do our utmost to supply healthy cuttings and reliable growing instructions.

Our mission is the innovation of sustainable and long-lasting plants meeting the demand of growers worldwide.
The vision is to be a preferred global partner of reliable genetics and young plants.

Queen® Genetics Concept


Take a trip down our memory lane, and explore the history of our proud craftsmanship throughout three generations.


In 1939 Carl & Gudrund Jepsen bought 5 acres of land at Norring Mølle, north of Aarhus Denmark, to start a nursery. In 1962 their son Knud Jepsen and his wife Ellen took over the nursery. During the next 30 years, the couple expanded to more than 38.000m2 greenhouse, R&D and storage space.


In 1979 the company started its Kalanchoe breeding department to raise the market standard for quality plants and optimise growing conditions. Today, passion and hard work have paid off, resulting in the broadest assortment of ethylene-tolerant, high-quality Kalanchoes on the market.


In 1988 Queen® Genetics began selling elite material and cuttings. The demand rose quickly, and the company managed to establish itself as an innovative and serious competitor on the market recognised by several industry awards and novelty prizes.


In 2002 the first double-flower Kalanchoes were introduced under the brand name Queen® RoseFlowers. The revolutionary product extension and increased shelf life allowed easy access to new markets and development opportunities.


In 2004 Queen® Genetics entered into a strategic partnership with Dalat Hasfarm in Vietnam to expand the cutting production and ensure optimal conditions for healthy plant growth. In 2010 Queen® Turkiye, a joint venture in Turkey, was founded to keep up with the growing demand for Kalanchoe cuttings worldwide and to supply the Turkish market with finished plants.


In 2012 another breeding innovation revolutionised the market. With a minimum of 3 weeks flowering, Queen® CutFlowers have set a stunning, new standard for the longevity in the cut flowers category and opened new market opportunities.


The product portfolio expanded. Apart from the Kalanchoe breeding program, Queen® Genetics started to focus its breeding on developing new crops that complement the Kalanchoe assortment and stand out for their increased shelf life and optimal growing habits. Today the assortment has been extended with an extensive portfolio of succulent varieties, Roses, Asters, Dahlia and Euphorbia Milii.


Growers from more than 75 countries around the world trust us to supply healthy cuttings and reliable growing instructions. Queen® Genetics offers weekly door-to-door deliveries via our agents as well as growth and after-sales support tailored to the needs and requirements of your facilities. Feel free to contact us for individual recommendations.


Queen® Genetics
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